Wayne Sweepers

Wayne Sweepers manufacturers top performing, street sweepers for municipal and commercial use.  First Vanguard is an authorized dealer for Wayne Sweepers.


The PM-10 certified, dustless Centurion is the ideal sweeper for environmentally sensitive areas. The Centurion features advanced user friendly controls, dustless vacuum assist, 4 cubic yard material volume hopper, and a single engine design.


The PM-10 certified, Gladiator mechanical street sweeper is a proven workhorse, especially suited for construction and milling applications. It features a John Deere auxiliary engine, 5 cubic yard hopper, an advanced load sensing hydraulic system, and versatile 44" dual gutter brooms.


The Warrior's single engine design is engineered for performance.  This PM-10 certified sweeper is mounted on cabover or conventional chassis.  With advanced loading sensing hydraulics, the Warrior features 68" main brooms with 35.5 diameter and 44" diameter gutter brooms.

Self Propelled Boom Lifts

Niftylift self propelled cherry pickers have working heights ranging from 10m (33ft) to over 28m (92ft). All are compact and manoeuvrable and can be driven from the platform in any boom position, saving time and improving efficiency. With 'Narrow' and 4WD chassis options available* Niftylift self propelled cherry pickers are ideal for industrial or construction environments. 
Easy to use proportional controls make Nifty self propelled cherry pickers simple to operate and features such as telescopic booms, fly-booms and platform rotation help to maximize their effectiveness on any task.


Trailer Mounted

Niftylift's road towable trailer mounted cherry pickers can be transported easily from site to site and set up quickly using manual or hydraulic outriggers*. They are built to be as light and compact as possible and offer an excellent working envelope for their size, with working heights ranging from 9m (30ft) to over 21m (69ft).

Easy to use proportional controls make them simple to operate and features such as telescopic booms, fly-booms, platform rotation, traction drive and hydraulic outriggers* all help to maximise their effectiveness.

Self Drive

Niftylift self drive cherry pickers have working heights ranging from 12m (40ft) to over 21m (69ft). Combining the capabilities of trailer mounts and self propelled cherry pickers, Nifty self drive cherry pickers are compact, lightweight and manoeuvrable. Driven from the platform while stowed, 4WD chassis options maximise traction and hydraulic outriggers allow fast setup even on rough terrain.

Easy to use proportional controls make Niftylift self drive cherry pickers simple to operate and features such as telescopic booms, fly-booms and platform rotation maximise their effectiveness on any task.


Absorb 350

Quick and easy set-up.  Absorb 350s can be used on almost any road surface and works well in narrow work zones where road and workspace is limited.  No ground anchoring required.  Approved for use in multiple speed conditions.

Submersible Pumps

Pump Clear Water Pumps.jpg

Submersible Pumps is a versatile pump for construction and home owner use.  The most popular pump sizes range from 3/4“ to 2” and most of them  operate on 120 volt.

Whether you need to drain a swimming pool, empty a flooded room, basement, or transfer water, we have a pump that will meet your job needs.  

Pending on your job, some of these pumps have floats that will automatically turn ON and OFF as needed.

These pumps can be lowered into a hole to remove water, such as a hole that was drilled for a pier, etc.

Towable Air Compressor


Towable air compressors support air tools necessary at any pneumatic or air-powered application. Large capacity for uninterrupted operation and includes protective shutdown switches for high engine temperature control.

Towable air compressors offer large side doors and a rear service door provide easy access to all gauges and compartments. Air compressors are designed for quiet operation and protective shutdown control making your job safer from start to finish. Towable air compressors are available ranging from 185 CFM to 1500 CFM to accommodate virtually any job need. 

  • Free Air Delivery: 185 scfm
  • Engine: Yanmar, 4-cylinder, 47.6 HP, Tier 4F Compliant
  • Measurements (LxWxH): 76x49x45 in (without towing frame)
  • Weight (dry/operating): 2120/2620 lb
  • Sound Level: 62 dBA
  • Fuel Capacity: 24.0 gal.