First Vanguard offers an extensive variety of PPE and industrial safety equipment.  

We can establish accounts for you with any of our manufacturers and dealers who provide quality protective wear and safety equipment.


Safety Wear

Custom marking available to identify your business or project. Please call for details.

First Vanguard can establish accounts for you with any of our manufacturers and dealers who provide quality protective wear and equipment.

The newly adjustable Sunbrero fits over your helmet to block the sun from your face, ears, and the back of your neck. Its black undersurface prevents sun reflection, and it also works well in the rain. Features a wider elastic band with hook-and-loop adjustability, which grips securely to the headlamp retainer clips on most helmets.

Radians manufactures a comprehensive line of quality protective gear to minimize personal exposure to safety hazards.

If your work exposes you to high levels of heat, protect yourself against heat stress with Arctic Radwear cooling products by Radians.  Cooling Headband and Cooling Head Shade are available in many colors.  Experience the benefits of the full line of Arctic Radwear Cooling Products.   For extreme exposure to cold weather, experience warmth with of working in the Nordic Blaze Warming Gear.


Werner Ladders

First Vanguard is also an authorized distributor of all Werner ladders.  Werner's reputation for manufacturing quality climbing equipment makes it an excellent choice to ensure accessibility and safety.

Titan Ladders

Titan is a leading manufacturer of specialty ladders.  Contact us for a full line of products available from Titan. 

Extension Ladder - Fiberglass

  • Type 1A: 16ft., 20ft., 24ft., 28ft., 32ft., 36ft., 40ft.

Work Stands - Heavy Duty Fiberglass

  • 27-1/2' x 2' Work Stand
  • 27 1/2" x 3' Work Stand
  • 15' x 2' Step Stool

A-Frame Step Ladder -- Fiberglass

  • Type 1A: 4ft, 5ft., 6ft., 7ft., 8ft., 10ft., 12ft

A-Frame Step Ladder -- Fiberglass Double Step

  • Type 1A: 4ft., 5ft., 6ft., 8ft., 10ft. & 12ft.
  • Type 1AA: 14ft. & 16ft. 

Single Ladder Heavy Duty Fiberglass

  • Type 1A: 8ft., 10ft., 12ft., 14ft., 16ft.