First Vanguard offers a full line of premium and economy fine fiber sorbents designed to absorb and contain spills ranging from hydrocarbon-based liquids to non-aggressive and aggressive chemicals.  Contact us for a complete Pricing Guide at 707.673.2165


Products include, but are not limited to:

  • Absorbent Tarps
  • ADA Pads - Composite and Surface Mount
  • Basin Guard
  • Collector System
  • Concrete Washout
  • Containment Berms 
  • Containment Sumps 
  • Containment Trays
  • Corner Protector
  • Curb Guard
  • Debris Screen
  • Decon Deck
  • Dewater Bad
  • Dispersion Blanket
  • Downspout Guard
  • Drain Guards, Plugs & Seals
  • Drip Diverters
  • Drum Lifter, Rack, Tipper, Tourniquets, Tray and Trucks
  • Ever Dry & Accessories
  • Filter Deck, Pad & Sock
  • Funnels
  • Grate Guard, Hook, Lifter & Pyramid      
  • Gravel Bag
  • Gutter Guard
  • Hard Tops
  • Hydrokleen
  • IBC Spill Pallets
  • I-Beam Protector
  • Inlet Guard
  • Microbes
  • Oil & Debris Blocker
  • Oil Blanket, Mop,Spill, Stain Remover
  • Overpack
  • Passive Skimmer
  • Pipe Sock
  • Pop Up Pool
  • Post Protectors
  • Rack Containment, Protectors & Sump
  • Repair Putty
  • Responsive Shovels      
  • Safe Connect
  • Safety Cabinet Bladder Systems
  • Sampler & Sampling Kit
  • Self Bailer
  • Sidewinder
  • Silt Dike
  • Smoke Stop
  • Spill Berm, Collector, Deck Pallet, Try & Vac
  • Stacking Shelf
  • Tanker Tourniquet
  • Track Pans
  • Transformer Tray
  • Trench Filter Boom
  • Utility Box, Filter Sock & Tray
  • Wall Protector
  • X-Tex

Drum and Portable Spill Kits


American Textile spill kits are available in 5, 10, 20, 30, 55 and 95 gallon kits.  Download flyer with complete specs here.

Absorbs It


Kitty litter type absorbant which can be used on any type of water based or solvent oil based spill, such as water, hydraulic fluid, or antifreeze. Also great for absorbing grease.  Clay base - a natural earth product.

Liquid-Surge Stabilizer - Haul Liquids Safely!

Designed to stabilize the movement of liquid cargo in partially loaded tankers during transport

- eliminates the “wave” that can form inside the tank from the liquid surging back and forth when the truck stops or starts, preventing the dangerous push of the truck in the direction the wave is moving

- significantly improves the handling of the vehicle during acceleration, braking, and lane changes - reduces tank stress

Baffle system consists of three high strength plastic interlocking rings, creating a hollow core spherical device - 12 flow restriction ports around each ring, 36 in total
- fluid passes through the baffle, but surge is removed


Baffle rings easily lock together without any fasteners

- simple, fast assembly, no tools required
- no attachment to tank
- no retrofit problems

Compatible with metal, poly, and fiberglass tanks
- designed for tanks with or without fixed baffles or compartments

  • Fits 16” manways or larger
  • System packs flat for low cost shipping
  • Not recommended for flammable or food grade liquids 

AIS earth friendly products help facilitate spill control and clean-up with environmentally concerned industrial maintenance and cleaning supplies. 

Amer-Bac - Liquid alive bacteria controls odors instantly.

Grease Away - Dissolves grease and scum completely, cleans and deodorizes garbage disposals, eliminates build-up in grease traps, safe on all types of plumbing systems.

Grime Gobbler - Heavy duty industrial hand cleaning towels.

Plug-Out - Liquid, non-acid drain opener.