Extreme-Duty Excavator Bucket


The extreme-duty bucket is engineered for tough overburden digging applications. The XDP bucket provides superior performance when top loading or excavating rock material.

  • Lip and beam gussets that provide increased durability in high stress corners.
  • T1 steel one-piece reinforcing plates for additional side plate strength and wear resistance.
  • 400 Brinell bottom runner wraps under the lugs for full abrasion resistance and additional structural integrity.

Snow Plow Blades


As an authorized dealer of ESCO blades, we offer a complete line of blades and accessories for the snow plow market. All edges are precision punched for quick and easy mounting and are produced from only the highest quality steels. 

ESCO Plow Blades offer:

  • High carbon steel blades for all makes, models and sizes, featuring excellent balance of abrasion resistance and impact protection
  • Flame Hardened blades in ¾” and 1” thicknesses for increased wear life, leading and trailing surfaces continually sharpen the cutting edge and prevent slivering, cuts ice and compacted snow on the first pass
  • Virgin tungsten carbide inserts are the strongest and most wear-resistant material in the world, carbide inserted blades feature longer wear life than any other type of snow plow blade

Cone Chains, Bars & Tape

Chains for cones

Cone Chains

  • Cobra Chain is manufactured from polyethylene plastic
  • UV stabilized to prevent color fading
  • 2" chain tensil strength 199 lbs.
  • 30 Day load bearing test 30lbs

Cobra Tape

  • Sold individually or set of 4 with storage case
  • Extends to 10 feet
  • Warning tape have Yellow/Black or Red/White pattern -- Perfect for walling potholes

Cone Bars

Compared to warning tape, the Cone Bar is highly effective in terms of cost and functionality.  It is reusable and increases true work-site traffic control.

  • Cone-bars are made from this highest quality commercial grade ABS materials, ensuring high performance and long-life durability. 
  • Available in many different color combinations and 2 adjustable sizes: 3'-6' and 6'-10'.
  • Engineer grade reflective sheeting ensures maximum visibility day or night.
  • Custom imaging available.

Water Filled Barricade System


Plasticade's new Water Filled Barricade System is used to block off work-zone areas, create perimeter safety and crowd control. 

These 60”L x 36”H channelizing devices can be filled with water or sand. Durable construction is made to be impact resistant.

Conforms to any roadway design and can turn 90°.  These weigh only 50 lbs when empty making it quick to assemble and breakdown.

  • Stackable for transport and storage - 820 LFT/truck (164 units)
  • Forklift access, recessed areas at bottom of barricade - can be moved while filled with water
  • Fill with up to 72 gallons of water
  • Light pocket for standard barricade light, use 5” light bolt
  • Accepts optional fence panels- 54”W fencing with 8’H - 3” diameter posts (covers 60“)
  • Area for applying retroreflective striped sheeting
  • Standard in orange and white - custom colors available  
  • NCHRP-350 Accepted, Test Level 2, Meets MUTCD Standards

Quadguard Crash Cushion



The new family of QuadGuard crash cushions offers the latest technology for shielding hazards 610 to 3048 mm (2' to 10').

Each Quadguard System consists of crushable, energy-absorbing cartridges surrounded by a framework of Energy’s exclusive steel Quad-Beam™ panels. These new crash cushions redefine NCHRP 350, Test Level 3 performance for redirective, non-gating attenuators. 

The QuadGuard Systems have successfully passed the complete NCHRP 350, Test Level 3 test matrix with both the light car and high center-of-gravity pickup truck at speeds up to 100 km/h (62 mph) at angles up to 20°. Higher speed units are available.

Tamco Tools

  • Narrow Chisels
  • Moil Point
  • Chipping Hammer Chisel
  • Chipping Hammer Point
  • Jumbo Buster Upper Sleeves
  • Jumbo Buster Lower Sleeves
  • Jumbo Rubber Bumper
  • Jumbo Poly Bumper
  • Jumbo Buster Lock Spring
  • Jumbo Rivet Buster
  • Moil Point Rivet Buster

First Vanguard's relationship with industry leaders such as Tamco Tools make its easy for you to get the products you need, when you need them.  

  • Paving Breaker Steel
  • Rivet Buster Steel
  • Chipping Hammer Steel


APT Tools

American Pneumatic Tools (APT) is a leading provider of exceptional tools for the construction and industrial markets.
Superior performance, excellent product reliability, competitive pricing, ergonomic designs, and a warranty second to none, are what makes American Pneumatic Tools an industry leader.

First Vanguard is an authorized distributor of American Pneumatic Tools. 

  • Pavement Breakers
  • Rock Drills
  • Clay & Trench Diggers
  • Backfill Tamper
  • Chipping Hammers
  • Rivet Busters

Road Plate System


Ideal substitute for steel plates. 

Easy to install modular system.  No special lift equipment needs. Two-man lift for installation (97 lbs. per section).

Tested to vehicle weights of 96,800 lbs.  Single wheel load, 14,520 lbs. at 27.5" trench width.

  • No rust or corrosion, long lasting polymer material
  • No “rattle” from crossing vehicles - rubber ends adapt to road surface and eliminate noise
  • Deters metal thieves
  • Anti-slip surface, tread pattern provides grip
  • Ramp design slows traffic for increased safety
  • Features “Drop Pins” that increase stability - pins protrude into trench preventing lateral movement of plate
  • Steel linking brackets lock sections together
  • End sections must be bolted to ground in order to lock unit into position
  • Stacks securely for transportation and storage 

Trench Covers


Trench Covers designed to cover trenches up to 35" and 27".  

  • Takes the weight of a vehicle up to 4,410 lbs.
  • Deters metal thieves
  • Beveled edge prevents tripping
  • Molded from a single piece of fiberglass composite - underside has ribbed framework for added strength
  • Recommend bolting to road surface
  • Available in yellow

Pedestrian Trench Covers -- Ideal for Sidewalk Construction

  • For Pedestrians Only - takes up to 553 lbs.
  • Covers trenches up to 27.5”
  • Anti-slip surface
  • Smooth rubber edge greatly reduces tripping hazard Resists sliding, no need to bolt down
  • - flexible material which grips the surface underneath
  • Available in yellow