5,000 LB Quad Mast Forklift Pneumatic Tires

Need to rent a forklift that operates on uneven surfaces? Pneumatic tire forklifts work great on slightly uneven surfaces, such as gravel or dirt. This model lifts up to 5,000 pounds. This lift is a quad mast (four stages) forklift, that can extend the lifting height up to 21′. Load capacity will vary based on height.

A quad mast is perfect for areas with very low height restrictions, such as rail or truck container doors, because they have the shortest lowering height for its lift. It also has a mast so you can lift higher once you've removed the cargo from the truck.

  • Quad mast for extended lift height
  • Great for transporting material in a warehouse, parking lot, or slightly uneven surface
  • Simple controls for easy moving
  • Pneumatic tires for slightly uneven surfaces
  • 5,000 pound max lift capacity