Temporary Traffic Signals

Temporary traffic signals are becoming more standard on job sites because they offer safe, reliable traffic control.  Portable, temporary traffic signals are a great way to control traffic during bridge repairs, one-lane work zones, or slide repairs. They offer a simple solution for temporary crosswalks at special events or to replace flaggers at a work zone.

All of our traffic signals are manufactured by North American Traffic and feature:

  • Solar power
  • Easy set-up: one person can tow and set-up the signals
  • Strict design specifications that comply with DOT, FHWA and Military Standards
  • Signals are controlled by radio eliminating the need for wires
  • Built in safety features ensure both signals can NOT go green
  • MUTCD compliant
  • Automatic paging if the system breaks

Portable traffic signals are available in small and large size sets.  Contact us for more information on uses and recommendations for each size set.