Crack Sealant

Crack Sealants

Crack sealant fills and seals cracks to prevent water from entering the road base unevenly. Water pouring into a road base deforms it and results in more cracking and defects in the road’s surface. Sealant also protects cracks from intrusion of chemicals (such as salt and magnesium chloride), fine particles, and debris, which can enlarge the crack over time.

Joint Sealants

When concrete roads are poured, it is important that transverse and longitudinal joints be cut while the concrete is still green in order to control where the concrete cracks. Though necessary, these cuts create a penetration point for water that needs to be sealed to prevent damage to the road base. While there are many types of sealants, one of the most effective are hot pour asphalt based sealants. Maxwell Products manufactures several sealants that are well suited for use in concrete joints that meet or exceed the relevant industry standard specifications.

Mastics/Gap Seal

Gap Brand Mastics combine the flexibility and adhesion of rubberized asphalt sealants with the strength and load bearing qualities of engineered aggregates. The result provides a stable, flexible repair that bonds firmly with existing pavements to seal out water and prevent further damage for years to come.


We have a broad product offering.  Below are some of our most popular materials

Available in Cardboard or Polyskin Packaging

Joint Sealants

Mastics/Gap Sealants