Towable Light Towers

Towable light towers are a portable, temporary lighting solution for wide-area outdoor lighting.  The quick deployment and ease of set-up make this the ideal lighting application for construction sites, commercial uses, industrial settings and special events.

1st Vanguard is able to source light towers to accommodate any type of project.  Available in diesel, solar or generator powered. 


Solar Powered Light Towers

  • Bright energy-efficiency lights
  • Telescoping 20-foot mast
  • Automatic photocell-controlled on/off
  • Manual operating mode
  • Silent operation
  • Battery powered
  • Automatic solar charging
  • Maintenance-free AGM batteries
  • Adjustable-tilt solar panels

Standard Light Towers

  • High-efficiency light fixtures provide uniform light pattern
  • Durable fixtures resist shock and last longer
  • Unique lamp design increases filament life and keeps maximum light on the job longer, increasing productivity while saving time and money
  • Rotating tower allows 360-degree rotation, reducing the need to frequently move the light tower trailer
  • Compact design with removable tow bar allows efficient transport and storage
  • Lockable, weather-resistant, steel cabinet protects components from the elements
  • Two outriggers and four leveling jacks provide stability
  • Control panel features elapsed hour meter, 120-volt GFCI receptacle for powering external equipment, and circuit breakers for on/off functionality and protection
  • Tier 4 Final diesel engine includes glow-plug preheat system for improved cold-weather starting
  • Automatic engine shutdown system protects engine from damage due to low oil pressure and high coolant temperature
  • Exclusive hinged top panel provides unimpeded access to engine, generator and electrical components
  • Fuel capacity of 30 gallons provides extended run times of 60 to 70 hours between refueling, depending on environmental influences
  • Translucent polyethylene fuel tank provides instant view of fuel level, eliminating the need for a fuel gauge

GloBug™ Balloon Lighting System

GloBug™ Balloon Lighting Systems offer superior lighting for all outdoor applications including construction and road maintenance, emergency repairs, flagger stations, special events and more.

The heart of the GloBug™ System is the innovative Balloon Light, available in a variety of configurations. Couple that with a number of unique mounting systems - portable stand, cart, or directly attached to equipment - and you have the finest glare-free lighting system available.

  • Superior Lighting Properties - Color consistency is near perfect, with better color rendering and overall quality.
  • Shock resistant LED assembly - Protects the lamps and water resistant.
  • Long life hours, low maintenance - Up to 40,000 hours of operating life per bulb.
  • Safer; LED holds less heat - LED Lamps (158°) vs.Metal Halide (422°).
  • Optional illuminance settings - 3-stage dimming controls (100W, 200W, 300W).
  • Safe, convenient operating process - Instant start and restarting.
  • Environmentally, economically smart - LED reduces operating costs and CO2 emissions up to 85%.
  • Flexible set-up options- Two position Tri-Pod stand, 2 Stage (gas assist) vertical mast assembly.

GloBug Tower Diffusers meet all requirements for glare-free lighting.  

GloBug LED models on Stand-Mount  -- Balloon Lamps can be purchased separate in 300W and 800W.  Download specs on this shadow-less LED lighting.