As a authorized dealer for ESCO Corporation, we now offer blades, buckets, fitting and more!  

ESCO Corporation engineers, manufactures and services mission critical equipment used by companies in mining, construction and industrial industries. With more than 100 years of experience in the science of metals, alloys and wear materials, ESCO products are used in a wide range of applications, including highly abrasive digging, recycling, excavation, drilling, snow plowing and many more.

Maxwell's high-quality pavement maintenance products are a trusted name in the industry.  It's superior line of products solves concrete and pavement repair issues for municipalities, local agencies, airports and private contractors.  For over 40 years, their intense focus on innovation and customer satisfaction has kept the ElastoflexTM and NUVOTM brands of asphalt crack and concrete joint sealants, as well as the GAPTM Mastic brand, at the forefront of the industry. When you expect more from your pavement maintenance solutions, you turn to Maxwell Products.

Concrete Joint Sealant

Asphalt Crack Repair


Wide Crack Repair


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Maxwell Products' unique and innovative packaging is just one of the reason 1st Vanguard is a proud representative of these next generation sealants. 

Maxwell Products invented their patent-pending ZipBox to make working with their products safer, faster, and much easier. With no tape to cut and an easy-to-open perforation, ZipBox literally opens in seconds, eliminates box cutters, and stacks flat for easy disposal.

The industry’s first fully meltable packaging solution, PolySkin is Maxwell Products proprietary, patented technology. PolySkin saves time on the job, eliminates the hassle of box cutters and cardboard waste, and delivers stable, weatherproof storage. PolySkin’s quickly dissolving, polymer bead construction eliminates the messy clogs and tangles common with the plastic liners and wrappers of inferior meltable packaging.


Plasticade's traffic safety devices are designed to maximize safety and efficiency for construction personnel, motorists and pedestrians.  1st Vanguard has partnered with Plasticade because we recognize the importance of offering cutting-edge products and alternatives to traditional traffic safety solutions.  

R3 reduces the expenses associated with processing redistribution orders, by providing unified services and support throughout the supply chain from initial order through final delivery. By collecting a comprehensive group of services under one umbrella, R3 offers customers more options for product selection, pricing and delivery without the need to work with different vendor organizations or multiple contacts. This greatly simplifies the process for customers and allows streamlining of processes for reduced shipping and warehousing costs.  

First Vanguard and its customers have access to significant number of partner brands through the relationship with R3 Safety.

For over 45 years, Hi-Way Safety has been family owned and operated and remains an industry leading manufacturer, supplier, and rental provider of traffic control devices and services.  Much of the product line is produced in on-site facilities in California. Domestic manufacturing allows greater control over the quality and pricing, and helps keep jobs in America. 

The foundation of the company has been to provide customers with fast and reliable service; a trait 1st Vanguard values and respects.  Hi-Way Safety's in-house manufacturing and fabrication gives them an edge in producing quickly, and also allows then us to produce customized products to meet unique requirements a customer may have. If there’s a solution, Hi-Way Safety will provide it!

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OTW Safety

We are proud to be a West Coast distributor for Off The Wall Safety -- innovators in safety and security.

OTW's Airport and Roadway product lines provide superior reliability.  OTW's Low Profile Barricades, Safety Flags and 360 Beacons lead the airport industry in safety, security and quality.  OTW's portable, plastic water-wall barriers are versatile to accommodate any use - perimeter delineation, crowd control, construction sites and parking areas.

Wanco Airport X-Marker

Wanco Airport X-Marker


Low Profile Airport Barricade AR10x96

The Original Low Profile airport barricades. The AR line is your maintenance free answer to work zone delineation. The only 100% FOD Free low profile airport barricade.