Concrete Saws

First Vanguard is able to source all types of industrial concrete saws.  Big or small, our relationships with respected manufacturers and wholesales gives you access to a wide variety of concrete saws quickly.  

Many of these concrete saws are also available to rent. 

  • Concrete Electric Tile Saws
  • Concrete Flat Saws
  • Concrete Masonry Saws
  • Concrete Chain Saws
  • Concrete Cutoff Saws
  • Walk-Behind Concrete Saws

When the job is done, let us help with the finishing touches! We offer a complete line of floor care products to make the clean-up easy.

Concrete Floor Grinder & Floor Care Products


Concrete Floor Grinders provide solutions for many concrete resurfacing jobs. These units are available in electric and gas powered models.

A Concrete Grinder is a multipurpose tool used for mainly for grinding, polishing, resurfacing, removing stains, and blending uneven concrete surfaces.

There is a selection of stones and scarifiers that can be used with these units. Stones are available in course, medium, and smooth grits.  Scarifiers are very aggressive for concrete removal or roughing the existing surface for an over-layment.



First Vanguard also offers access to a full line of floor care products including ride-on floor scrubbers.


Concrete Mixers

Steel Drum Concrete Mixers - The ultimate in heavy-duty concrete mixers. These durable mixers are reliable, easy to maintain, and available in a full range of sizes and engine configurations.

Polyethylene-Drum Mixers -- Incorporate an innovative EasyClean technology to put an end to clean-up problems. A few taps with a rubber mallet, and the concrete falls right out. Available in a full range of sizes and engine configurations.


Portable concrete mixers -- Ideal for homeowners and small contractors.  They are lightweight and portable, fitting conveniently into the trunk of a car.  These "Mix-n-Go" concrete mixers available in Steel-drum and Polyethylene Drum.

Concrete Vibrator


Concrete vibrators are used on freshly poured concrete so that trapped air and excess water are released and the concrete settles firmly in place in the formwork.

Typical applications include: slabs, stem walls, footings, formed post or pillars, and driveways.

These vibrators are available in both gas and electric power with various shaft lengths and vibrating heads to meet the specific criteria set forth in the pour specifications.



Concrete Electric Breakers -- Bosch is the industry leader in electric breakers, combination hammers, drills, and grinders. The Electric Breaker is great for medium to small demolition jobs.  This breaker runs 110/120 volt and with a weight of only 60 lbs.  Works great for concrete up to 4”.

With the assortment of bits available, this breaker can make those difficult jobs easy. Concrete Electric Breakers can be purchased or rented.



Hydraulic Breakers Kent is a leading manufacturer of hydraulic breakers, compaction wheels and plates for skid steer loaders, mini-excavators, backhoes, and large excavators. High quality, robust designs, and high reliability. Quick Connect CP/TAG tops available, as well as interchangable skid steer bracket designs.


Breaker Electric Jack -- Bosch "Jack" 35 lb. electric breaker. Lightweight, hard hitting breaker.

Paving Breakers -- These severe duty pneumatic breakers are manufactured in Michigan City, Indiana. 30lb. to 90lb. size classes.



Electric Chipping Hammer is a great tool for smaller demolition jobs.
With the assortment of bits available and the small compact size, the electric chipping hammer provides precise control for chiseling, breaking concrete, asphalt, tile removal, and a variety of other jobs.


Roto Hammer - The Electric Rotary Hammer is a compact versatile tool that easily drills through concrete, masonry, or other hard surfaces for installing anchor bolts, running pipe, or electrical conduit. Insert a chisel bit and this tool can also be used as a chipping hammer. Can be coupled with a core bit for a clean and precise opening.



Combination Hammer - Bosch combination hammers are a popular choice among contractors. 






Demolition Hammer - Sullair River Busters come in models MRB-6, MRB-8, MRD-9, and MRB-11, and they all use 11X type working steel.

Core Drills

Electric Core Drills are available in hand held and upright models with vacuum bases. These units can drill through concrete, asphalt, stone, granite, and marble.

Electric Core Drills provided clean precise openings for installation of sink faucets, water pipe, electrical conduit, or for any applications requiring a specific diameter hole.


Mortar Mixers


The towable mortar mixer is available with an electric or gas motor.  These units allow you to mix the right amount of mortar, when and where you need it to maximize efficiency and reduce overall job cost.

Whether you’re a contractor that requires a high capacity mixer or a homeowner with a small project, we carry sizes ranging from 3 cubic feet to 12 cubic feet. There is a model that will handle your job requirements.  Also available to rent.

Power Buggy


A Power Buggy is designed to transport concrete and other materials across the job site.  With a 16 cubic foot capacity and all terrain tires, the power buggy easily transports material over adverse job site terrain.

The stand-on design allows for an unobstructed view of the work site and allows for easy maneuvering.  The power buggy is equipped with a hydraulic dump so the load can be accurately dumped without any material waste.

The compact design allows for direct delivery of material in hard to reach areas and will fit through a 48” opening.

Power Trowels


A Power Trowel applies a smooth finish to a concrete surface. These trowels are available in walk behind and ride on models ranging in size from 36” to 92”.

The walk behind units are great for small to medium jobs such as driveways or home or garage foundations.

The ride on units are used for large high production jobs such as warehouse foundations, parking garages, or any large foundation where time is essential for completion.

Walk Behind Concrete Planers


Scarifiers, also called surface planers or milling machines, remove concrete faster and more aggressively than grinders. That's because they use the rotational action of multi-tipped cutting wheels, or flails, that rotate at high speeds to chip away at the concrete surface. You can choose from many different styles of interchangeable cutter assemblies to achieve the profile you need for each job.

A variety of interchangeable cutting wheels and drum setups allow Scarifiers to perform a broad range of profiling tasks. Applications include removing coatings (even heavy floor tile mastics and rubbery elastomeric or epoxy materials), light or heavy milling, grooving walkways to make them slip resistant, removing trip hazards in sidewalks, and leveling misaligned concrete joints and uneven surfaces.